Disinfectant Concentrate

A rinse or no rinse disinfectant and sanitizing solution with wide spectrum of bactericide designed for surface sanitation. Use on homes, hospitals, restaurants and schools.

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Liquid Hand Soap

Gentle formula that keeps hands clean and conditioned. It has a moisturizer that makes hands smooth after every wash and essential oil that leaves long lasting freshness to skin.

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Hand Sanitizer

An alternative to hand washing with soap and water. Designed to kill 99.9% of germs. Thoroughly cleans and sanitizes skin without drying.

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Multi-Purpose Kitchen Degreaser with Sanitizer

A strong anti-grease solution for fast removal of oils, fats and caked proteins on the surfaces of oven and kitchen counter tops. It can be used as dishwashing liquid for heavily greased kitchen wares. It frees surfaces from stubborn stains making it easy to scrub them away, bringing back the original color of the facade being cleaned.

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First Keeva Innovation Corporation involves in the manufacturing distribution of highly competitive and quality chemical products all over the Philippines.

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